the indigo notebook

readers' guide


Discussion Guide for The Indigo Notebook by Laura Resau

1. Describe Layla's and Zeeta's personalities and ideas about life at the beginning of the book.  Are you more like Zeeta or Layla?  Why?

2. Zeeta has had international adventures that have shaped who she is.  Have you had anything interesting happen on your own travels? Has this event changed you in some way?

3. Why does Zeeta carry a notebook around everywhere?  If you were doing notebook interviews, what questions would you ask? 

4. Look at the questions Zeeta asks people for her notebook.  How would you answer those questions?

5. What do you think Wendell was hoping to find in his birth father?  Describe who his birth father turned out to be.  How would you feel in his situation?  Have you ever been in a similar situation, in which you had certain expectations that you had to readjust?

6. When Wendell goes to stay with his birth father, Zeeta does what she thinks is best.  Do you agree with her actions?  What would you have done?

7. Who is your favorite character? Why?

8. Who is your least favorite character?  Why?

9. Through his letters to his birth parents, we see how Wendell's feelings about his adoption change over time.  Which was your favorite letter?  Why?  Have your feelings about a family situation changed over time?  What would your letters about the situation have been like at different ages?

10. What do you think will happen after the story ends?  What do you think will happen in the sequel? Do you think Wendell will be in the sequel?  Do you think they will stay together romantically?

11. Zeeta is convinced that she'd be happy if she had a normal family and life.  Have you ever thought that you'd be happy if something particular happened?  Did it ever happen? Or did something else happen? How did you feel about it then?  How do you feel about it now?

12. Layla and Zeeta (and later, Wendell) do rituals in the sacred the Peguche waterfall.  What are the effects supposed to be?  Have you (or someone you know) ever done any rituals for similar effects?   Do you believe that rituals like this are effective?

13. Wendell considers his special ability to be a curse, while Zeeta calls it a gift.  Does it seem more like a gift or a curse to you?  Have you met anyone with abilities similar to Wendell's?  Do you believe that some people have these abilities?

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