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WILD CHOCOLATE (title not final)

about the book

For most of her twelve years, Coco has savored life in her family’s chocolate shop in the mountain town of Heartbeat Springs. But after her best friend, Leo, abandons her and hard times hit the shop, she’s desperate to restore her happy world.

     One night, Coco dreams of a far-off jungle, where an ancient tree asks for help and promises a treasure at its roots. The dream returns night after night, sparking hope that this treasure might save her chocolate shop.

     When she’s offered a serendipitous trip to the Amazon rain forest, she embraces it. The only catch: Leo will be her travel companion. Can Coco survive a journey into the unknown with her estranged best friend… and return with a treasure?

      But as Coco makes new—and old—friends in the jungle, she begins to suspect her quest is bigger and deeper than she’d imagined. Wild Chocolate is a deliciously enchanting tale of following your heart into the most mysterious places… and discovering how it’s linked to a vast web of other hearts.

Ages 8 & up, Scholastic Press, release date early 2019


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Here you can find a blog post and photos of Laura's Nuance Chocolate shop research.