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WILD CHOCOLATE (title not final)

about the book

Coco loves chocolate. When she’s not helping run her Mom’s chocolate shop, El Corazón, she’s tinkering with recipes, devising unique and delicious treats to entice chocolate lovers. But amid this sweetness, a few things are troubling Coco. Her best friend and fellow chocolate maker Leo has stopped talking to her, El Corazón is struggling, and Coco’s mom is thinking about closing its doors.

Soon Coco starts dreaming about a wise and wondrous ceiba tree that promises her answers. And when she and Leo get the opportunity to visit the Amazon Rain Forest, Coco has faith she’ll find this magical ceiba from her dreams — and save El Corazón.

But before good can emerge, there is destruction. Coco comes face-to-face with the environmental and cultural harm done to the rain forest and to the Huaorani people who call it home. As friendships bloom, her heart begins to ache for a way to help those in danger.

In this urgent, beautiful novel, acclaimed author Laura Resau shows us that love is more powerful than hatred, and that by working together —with a little magic — hope can always be restored, root and branch. 

Ages 8 & up, Scholastic Press, release date: January 1, 2019



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