Post Bas Bleu Reading

Hi. It's about 9:30 p.m. and I just finished teaching my ESL class, which always leaves me a little wound up (in a good way). I'm drinking chamomile tea and eating oatmeal cookies to calm down
before I go to sleep. A number of good things have happened lately:

- I've gotten on a good writing schedule now that our part-time nanny has started hangin with Baby in the mornings.

- My mom was in town last week, which helped me have more writing time, too, and get caught up with my backlog of emails and phone calls. I reduced my to-do list by a few pages.

-My husband has finally finished a work project that was requiring him to work insanely long hours.

-I had a great time at the Bas Bleu Theater reading I did last night with Bill Tremblay. I love Bas Bleu theater. The set onstage for the current play is a dank prison cell, which was the backdrop to my reading-- very moody and atmospheric... I saw some good friends there and met some fascinating new people, including a French man who graciously put up with my rusty French.

Here's a pic of me and my friend/neighbor Chris on the left and my friend/neighbor/Nia (dance) teacher Erika on the right. The other pic is me and my mom-- it was her birthday yesterday.