Authors for Obama

Hi dear readers,
Just a quick note to say that I support Obama, and so do over ONE THOUSAND other authors of books for kids and teens!!! And the list is growing by day... check it out. I am proud to have my name there (and it alleviates my guilt for not going out door to door to register voters...).
I just discovered the site YA for Obama (Young Adult for Obama), which I highly recommend visiting. It links to author Sarah Zarr's blog post about why she's voting for him-- she made a right on-target point about how the concept of "evil" comes up in political speeches-- read her essay yourself! I was cheering.
Okay, now that I feel I did something for Obama's campaign, on to writing! I'm going to answer "Conversations with the Author" questions for the Readers' Circle Guide which will appear in the back of the paperback of Red Glass (which will come out in the spring.) I could write an entire (not nececssarily interesting) book on everything that inspired this book, so the challenge is to pare down my answers to a reasonable length. I'll have to be ruthless. Wish me luck!