New York Trip!

Hey everyone!

It's a gorgeous spring day in Colorado. Got back from NYC last night (where it rained nearly every day, but I didn't mind-- I love the smell of rain on pavement... and it was fun to use my pink umbrella, since I hardly ever get to use it here.)

view from my hotel window

Before I forget, here's some good news about The Indigo Notebook (to be released in October.) It's been nominated as an ALA Best Book for Young Adults-- hooray! I'm so grateful to whoever nominated it and absolutely thrilled that it was deemed a worthy read!

Okay, so my NYC trip--

My main objective was to visit my editor, Stephanie, and my publicist, Emily, and all the other people at Delacorte/Random House involved in my books (turns out there are so many more people than I realized, and they're all magnificent!)

The Random House offices occupy the first 23 floors or so of this building. Stephanie and Emily brought me to a bunch of different offices to meet people, which involved taking two separate elevators. A Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- style elevator would've come in handy...

I had a wonderful afternoon hanging out at Random House. Stephanie and Emily and I had yummy Greek food for lunch at a nearby restaurant. Then we went to the RH offices and I met many people (whose names I've failed to keep straight!) It was touching and a little overwhelming (in a good way) to meet these people who've been so excited about my books and have worked so hard behind the scenes to promote them.

Here's the lobby of Random House-- the walls are lined with old classics they've published-- a very exciting atmosphere!
I did short readings from Red Glass and The Indigo Notebook for a lovely crowd of RH people, signed books, and then went upstairs to record a podcast interview. I got to see the final version of the interior illustrations for Star in the Forest.... wow! Thank you, Gary Blythe! (That's who illustrated them so beautifully.) I can't wait til the book is out in the wide world and you all can see them!

a funny antique toy from a Williamsburg flea market store

Over the weekend, my dear old friend Amanda, who lives in Williamsburg (neighborhood in Brooklyn), showed me around.

Amanda and me at an old Italian restaurant-- Bufanti's-- where a shoot-out scene for the Sopranos was apparently filmed.

My favorite two restaurants both had pink walls and funky chandeliers and cool portraits.

This one was called something like the Hotel DelMonte-- it featured an old-fashioned American atmostphere-- early 1900s.

The waiters wore cute suspenders.

In front of the MOMA (modern museum of art) restaurant (seems like I have something mysterious hiding under my shawl, doesn't it...?)

On my last day, I was happy to meet an Ecuadorian named Marco-- he was my cab driver to the airport, and was enthusiastic about my upcoming books set in Ecuador (The Queen of Water and The Indigo Notebook). Gracias, Marco, por la buena compania y conversacion!!

On a different note, be sure to check out the readergirlz website periodically all month long. There are ongoing conversations about topics related to Red Glass. Join us!

Thanks for reading!