Day 1 of The Indigo NoteBook Blog Tour!

Hi all,

Just a quick note to say my first stop on *The Indigo Notebook Blog Tour* is Marjolein Balm's blog... and what a perfect place to start! Each of the books in the Notebooks series is set in a different country... and Marjolein is based in the Netherlands (at least that's what I deduced from her blog-- hopefully I'm not mistaken). Don't worry-- her blog is in perfect English (which makes me want to learn Dutch!) Isn't the Netherlands a great hopping-off point for this blog journey?! Anyway, her blog is great-- I hope you enjoy the interview!

I'll have about ten more stops on the tour over the next couple months... and I'll try to give new and different info in each interview. Check back soon for the next interview link (and in the meantime, I'll try to put together an itinerary with what's to come!)

On a different note, here I am with two ladies in my writing group-- Sarah Ryan and Carrie Visintainer-- at the Tour de Fat-- a gigantic bike parade here in Fort Collins last Saturday. We dressed up as different genres of literature. Sarah was romance (though you can't tell here-- she's missing her swash-buckling pirate lover) and Carrie was Western, and can you guess what I was? (I'm the one with the black wings and pink boa.)

Magical realism. With a bit of sci-fi thrown in (thus the alien hat-mask-thing). Loads of fun!