Welcome to the world, Indigo!!

Hello, beloved readers!

Well, it's official-- today The Indigo Notebook is here! In theory, you can find it in any bookstore and library in North America (in reality, you might need to order it from your favorite bookseller or librarian... sometimes they need a little gentle nudging.)

Or, if you feel inspired, you can go ahead and order your copy through indiebound or amazon.

Today I have a guest post on the readergirlz blog, and if you leave a comment, you'll have a chance of winning a free, signed and personalized hardcover of Indigo!

And remember, you can also enter my creative writing contest and have a chance to win the book, too! (Just click on the link, then scroll down to Fall Contest.)

I stumbled across this video of Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) giving a talk about creativity. I whole-heartedly agree with her... and I'm planning on expanding on her ideas a little in a blog post about shamans and writers ... which I have yet to write! If you're a writer who thinks a lot about the mysteries of creativity (as I do), I recommend spending 20 minutes watching this. It's fascinating and funny.

Okay, must tend to sick Toddler now... Thanks for celebrating with me today!