Star Stars!

Hello all,

A bit of good news about my upcoming (March 9!) book release:

STAR IN THE FOREST is getting two starred reviews-- from Booklist and School Library Journal!

School Library Journal (STARRED)

* Gr 4-6 ". . . Once again, Resau has woven details of immigrant life into a compelling story. The focus is on the developing friendships, both between Zitlally and her previously ignored neighbor, and between the fearful youngster and the dog. Conversations between the two girls are believable and the details of their lives convincing. The first-person narrative moves steadily as Zitlally loses and then gradually recovers her voice and gains confidence. Vignette illustrations introduce the chapters. A version of Zitlally’s father’s spirit animal story, a note about immigration, and glossaries of Spanish and Nahuatl words are appended. This is a well-told and deeply satisfying read."

ALA Booklist (STARRED)

* As in Francisco Jiménez’s The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child (1997) and Pam Muñoz Ryan’s Esperanza Rising (2000), Resau’s novel tells a child’s migration story with simple immediacy… Always true to Zitlally’s viewpoint, the unaffected writing makes clear the anguish of illegals. The thematic parallels with the dog, also an illegal of sorts, are redundant; it’s the family story, more than the pet plot, that will grab readers. A pronunciation guide, a glossary, and a note about immigration from Mexico to the U.S. close this unforgettable narrative of a girl’s daily struggle to find a home.

Yay! Thank you, Booklist and SLJ! I'm elated!

In my last post I mentioned that THE INDIGO NOTEBOOK was selected as an ALA Amazing Audiobook for Young Adults. The narrator, Justine Eyre, had an international childhood much like Zeeta, the main character. I think that her voice reflects this-- it's an absolute delight to listen to her.

Years ago, I listened to another book Justine narrated-- The Alchemist's Daughter-- and I absolutely loved her voice in that one, too. I remember asking myself, is this book just really, really well-written or is it that this narrator can make *anything* sound well-written?! Either way, I'm grateful she was reading my book! Click here to hear an excerpt.

Audiobooks are on the expensive side, so if you're interested in listening to the whole book, you could check it out of the library. If it's not there, you can ask your librarian to order a copy (and tell her it's an ALA Amazing Audiobook!) ;)

Okay, time to pick up Lil Dude from daycare! Thanks for reading!