Interview on YA Highway!

Hello everyone!

Here I am going through my long to-do list, getting ready for the Star in the Forest release party (this Friday!)

I'm really excited today that the fabulous blog YA Highway is featuring an interview with me. This blog is right up my alley-- combines writing for teens with traveling the world. It's written by a bunch of young women-- "nomadic novelists"-- one of whom is Kirsten Hubbard, who interviewed me. Her book Like Mandarin will come out next spring with my same publisher-- Delacorte. (We have LOTS in common, we've discovered...)

She has another book in the works, featuring travelers in Central America-- definitely my cup of tea. Can't wait to read both books!

I love reading novels about traveling-- and I did as a teen, too. It's one thing that inspired me to live abroad and fill my life with travel. It makes me happy to think of these other YA writers creating more travel adventure stories-- the world needs more of them!

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you Fort Collinites on Friday! Oh, and some people have been asking whether I'll be doing a Maryland area reading soon... and the answer is YES! I just got confirmation for a reading at the Ellicott City Barnes and Noble on Saturday, May 22, at 2 pm. Looking forward to going back to my old stomping grounds...

Have a great week!