Welcome to the World, STAR!!!

Good morning! And a good, good morning it is... this is the first morning it's felt like spring here, sunshine streaming through the windows and a distinct lack of snow on the ground and birds actually singing outside. A perfect morning for Star in the Forest to come into the wide world!

The book actually opens in springtime, and covers the months of March, April, May, and June in Colorado-- it's definitely a springtime book, with daffodils and tulips and mud-lusciousness. It's a short book, too, only about 150 pgs, complete with illustrations at the beginning of each chapter. It's my first book for younger readers (ages 8 and up)-- I'm excited to widen my audience and meet younger readers.

Here's the beginning of an article about my inspiration for Star that I wrote for BookPage:

Behind the Book: Crossing borders to find the heart of a story
Column by Laura Resau

I came across the bones of my book Star in the Forest on the outskirts of a small town in southern Mexico. One day, a decade ago, I was taking my daily walk down a dirt road lined with shacks made of corrugated metal and plastic tarp and salvaged wood scraps. I strolled past smoldering piles of trash and leaped over trickles of raw sewage, giving wide berth to occasional packs of scrawny dogs. You should know that I loved these walks ...

You can read the rest of the article here.

Other news: A few days ago, I got back from an *amazing* trip to south Texas! I'm so excited to tell you about it and post pics... I'm trying to get organized now, but I'll do that post soon. Check back a little later this week. ;) And be sure to check my events page for upcoming book release events in Michigan and Colorado.

Thanks for reading!