My other fun Chicago school visit

Hey everyone!

I've been traveling and doing more school visits lately... and now I've got a backlog of photos.  I've been meaning to post these pics from my visit to Lloyd Elementary in Chicago last month.  I had a blast with these kids!

Here we all are...

These shots were taken later, during writing activities inspired by my presentation.  Don't you love the intense concentration?  It's the look of getting lost in the world you're creating...

And here are some of the cool cards they made  me, which feature characters from Red Glass... (you'll have to tilt your head sideways-- for some reason, my computer rotated the images... go figure!)

Thanks for a wonderful time at Lloyd-- I loved your energy and enthusiasm!

I still have some IRA photos to post from Chicago... so many exciting things happened that week, I'm *still* trying to catch up!  And meanwhile, this past week I've had some more fun school and bookstore visits in Maryland-- I'll post those pics soon, too.

I'm going to sign off now and get some tea and delve into Scumble by my talented friend Ingrid Law.  This is the sequel to Savvy, which I've been anticipating for a long time! (It's a review copy-- the book officially comes out in August, I think.)  So far it's a scrumptious read.