A Diggety-Dazzling New Year!

Hi everyone!

Hope you're excited about the new year... I am!  In just two months, we'll be moving back into our newly-renovated house.  We've been in rental homes over the past six months. Here's a to-scale model of what our house will look like once it's done:

Well, not really, but wouldn't that be fun?

Lil Dude has given lots of input on our house design this past year.  He wanted it to be made of candy and have 20 swimming pools. Lately, he's been talking about how he wants a fire pole, fire bell, and roomy fire engine parking.... He is indeed firefighting-obsessed.

When we made this gingerbread house together, he said that all those gumdrops were smoke detectors, and that candycane on the side was a hose.

May your own home be filled with happiness and love and lots of delicious books this year...