JADE release party, house and trailer update, allergy woes...

Hello, everyone!

I've been in the midst of moving back into our newly renovated house after nine months in rentals during the construction.  Feels SO good to be home (and in a roomier, sunnier home, to boot!)

That's the happy news.  The not-so-happy news is that my allergies (to certain kinds of tree pollen, like juniper) have kicked in full force.  I've been a puffy-itchy-eyed mess for the past week, although yesterday I broke down and begged my doctor for some prescription- strength stuff (which has subdued my itchiness and puffiness but has put me in a daze.)

On to more happy news!  My good friend, Laura Pritchett, and I have decided to combine our book release parties into one big animal-adventure-themed fiesta.  If you live in the Ft Collins area, I hope you can come!  Here's the official description:

What’s that, you say? Two new books by two authors? Turtles, bears, and more? Two Laura’s? 
Come hear Laura Resau, who will discuss her latest travel-adventure novel, The Jade Notebook, set in an off-the-beaten-track beach town in Mexico where rare sea turtles nest,  and Laura Pritchett, who will celebrate her new book, Great Bear Stories of Colorado, with a slideshow presentation of bears, humans, and how and when their lives have intersected – both the grizzlies that once roamed here, and the black bears that still do.
It’s bound to be a fun, lovely, animal-y evening!

Sat., March 31, 2012
7:00- 9:00 pm
Everyday Joe's Coffee House
Books available for purchase and signing (thanks to Old Firehouse books!)
All ages welcome! 
I think it'll be really fun. I adore Laura-- we gave each other feedback on drafts of our books. Her bear book is incredibly interesting- she crawled into a den with a hibernating bear in the Rockies as part of her research!

More news: Some people have been wondering about my sweet lil fifties rig (vintage trailer) and whether I'll still be writing in it now that I have a studio in our house.  The answer is a resounding YES!  It'll be my technology-free zone, where I do old-fashioned creative things, like reading musty books and scribbling in notebooks and staring at dust motes in sunlight.

In case you're wondering where the trailer is now, we couldn't keep it in the driveway because of the construction materials... and we couldn't tote it from one rental home to another because of parking issues... so for the past nine months it's been in a trailer space leasing lot, sitting sadly in the shadows of gigantic tractor trailers (as in eighteen-wheels-gigantic!)

Over the months my sweet lil rig and I have been apart, I've been gazing longingly at pics of trailers, getting ideas to snazz up mine when it's back in place (hopefully in a month or so)...

from The Trailer Gal blog

Definitely want some magical outside lighting...

 And an awning!

And paper lanterns!

Okay, must unpack more boxes now...