Enjoying The Nature...


So, I'm preparing for my Maryland trip, and as often happens right before a book trip, I've found myself in the midst of an  icky cold.  Argh!  I'm hoping it will go away fast-- I have all kinds of cool things planned this week, and I want to have energy for them-- school visits to Dunloggin Middle (where I went!) and Clemente Middle (which I love, too). And then, on Saturday, the Baltimore Book Festival-- can't wait to hang out with readers and authors there... bliss.  Festival details here. And details on the awesome authors on my panel at 5:30 here.

In the interim between my two colds of September (I blame back-to-school germs), Ian and Lil Dude and I went on a beautiful weekend trip.  Lil Dude loves going out to "enjoy the nature", which is exactly what we did in the mountains near Red Feather Lake. Before we set up camp, we swung by the stupa at Shambala Mountain Center-- it's a peaceful and lovely walk along a Tibetan-flag-lined pathway.

Inside the stupa (am I spelling that right? Spell check says no)-- inside the stupa, is a giant golden Buddha-- about 30 feet tall.  It's really sweet to watch Lil Dude "meditating" on the cushion in front of the Buddha.  He can sit still for about 30 seconds, tops... but he claims he feels plenty of love and peace in his heart when he does. :-)

A little place for offerings...

Here's to a golden, light-filled autumn for us all!