Cool Creations from Readers!

Hey guys,

Thought I'd share with you some lovely things that readers have made, inspired by my books.  This is such a magical thing about writing stories-- something I didn't know about until my first book was published-- how the stories take on a life of their own, and add their spark to other people's creativity and on and on it goes...

Oona from Baltimore made me this gorgeous bracelet! The beads are the colors indigo, ruby and jade, one for each book in my Notebooks series. LOVE!  (And the jade bead is actual jade!)  

She made a beautiful pair of matching earrings, too (complete with Red Glass)!  (I could only find our cheap camera, so I can't do good close-ups here.) Aren't they pretty?

Here I am with Oona at the Baltimore Book Festival-- SUCH a treat to meet this super-creative girl in person!

 Here's a stunning Red Glass dish made for me by Judy Edwards, whose wonderful book club I visited last week! Here's what it looks like held up to a snowstorm, but it's even more stunning in bright sunlight.

A couple months ago, I visited a group of students at a local middle school who'd read The Queen of Water, and done some cool projects inspired by the book.

They each chose several projects from about twenty possible projects.  One of them was to write a picture book inspired by a character or theme in the novel (or something along those lines...)  Cheetah the goat was a popular character for this!

I got to hear the students read their books aloud-- lots of fun!


Here I am with Mrs. Baker, the mastermind behind the project possibilities, and a student's parent.

My Lil Dude is asking me to cuddle with him on the sofa, so I'll just give you a few bits of news and then hang out with him:
  • My book Star in the Forest is in the latest Scholastic Book Fair flyer! You can see it here.
  • You can watch a TV interview with me in Spanish here.  Three local middle school girls interviewed me!
  • I have three events coming up-- two in Fort Collins, and one in Chicago.  If you can come to any of these, I'd love to see you there!

    Sat, March 10, 10:00-1:00-- Laura Resau will do her workshop "Creating Vivid Worlds," hosted by Northern Colorado Writers. Fee and Registration required-- see here for details (and scroll down). 


    Sat, March 30, 2 pm-- Reading/Signing/Chatting with teen authors Laura Resau and Jeannie Mobley at Old Firehouse Books (232 Walnut St, Fort Collins). Free and open to everyone! 


    Saturday, April 6-- Chicago. Litworks: A Teen Lit Festival. 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This begins at Eisenhower Public Library and moves to Ridgewood High School at noon. Other authors there will be Matt de la Pena, Alex Flinn, Mark Crilley, Jennifer Bradbury, and Brent Crawford. Details here. Free for teens, $5 for adults.

Thanks for swinging by!