Upcoming Colorado Events (including one this week!)

Hi everyone, 

I hope those of you in Colorado stayed safe during the recent flooding.  My family and
home made it through fine, thankfully.
Just want to let you local people know about a few events I have coming up:
Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013 (in a few days!)
6:30 pm, Boulder Bookstore, Boulder, CO. 
Fall Book Feast with Middle Grade Authors -- Join Melanie
Crowder, Jeannie Mobley, Jenny Goebel, and Laura Resau for a fun and
lively panel discussion about their novels for upper elementary and
early middle school readers. Free and everyone welcome!

And now, some introductions to these awesome Colorado writers, 
who also happen to be friends of mine!!
Here's Jenny.
 Here's her debut novel, which comes out this fall. I'm looking forward to reading it!
Here's Melanie Crowder and her beautiful debut novel, Parched, which came out this summer.

Here's Jeannie. 
Her charming debut novel, Katerina's Wish, came out last year.
 And I'll be focusing on my own debut novel from 2006, What the Moon Saw. 
 I get to talk about this a lot in school visits, but I haven't done a bookstore talk about this
for a while... I'm excited!

Other Event coming up:

Saturday Nov. 2, 2013
2:30 pm, Global Village Museum, 200 West Mountain Ave., Old Town,
Fort Collins, CO.
Presentation -- The Queen of Water: the True Story of an Andean
Girl's Journey. As part of the "Legacy of the Andes" exhibit, Laura
will discuss Maria Virginia's amazing story, their collaboration
process, and her research in Ecuador. You'll also get a glimpse into
Quichua culture and recent social issues. The presentation is
included with museum admission ($5 for non-members.) There will also
be live Andean music, played by Marie Louise Borak. You can read more
about the museum here.  http://globalvillagemuseum.org
Thanks, everyone! It would be fun to see you at one (or more) of these events! Please spread the word to anyone else who might be interested. xo, Laura