Vermont Retreat with EMLA!


Hi guys!

So, I am a very lucky lady to be part of Erin Murphy Literary Agency.  We do an annual authors' retreat, and oh, what a retreat it was this year in Brandon, Vermont!

Here I'm hanging outside Cafe Provence with old friends Cynthia Levinson, Liz Garton Scanlon, Carrie Gordon Watson, Tamara Ellis Smith, and Jeannie Mobley...

Making new friends-- Kevan Atteberry and Laurie Thompson... (Ruth Barshaw's an old friend!)

Dressing up for the Time Snap party... here I am with other steampunk ladies...


Okay, I'm apparently too lazy to label everyone by name, but you can go to EMLA's client list and play your own match-the-author-to-the-time-traveler-game (note that some come from other dimensions entirely.)

And the illustrious, time-traveling, mad-scientist agent herself... Erin Murphy!

 A taste of the party decor...

The band Erin Murphy's Dog jammin' while a rapt audience listens and laughs hysterically at the funny songs.


Love attacks on Liz Garton Scanlon by Katniss (Phil and Kevin's dog)


There were games and raffles... here's a Bobble Ami-Joan Paquette doll that Anna won!

 Bobble Erin Murphy doll prize!


Pretty stuff encountered on walks around Brandon...

A taste of the decor of my room at the Brandon Inn... made me smile!

Robert Frost Hike!


A little-known Robert Frost poem that charmed us all...


Thanks for swinging by! (For you curious readers, I *do* still have secret, happy news that I can't share with you yet... just know that the Secret is sitting in the middle and knowing while you dance around in a ring, supposing... ;-)