Rescued Relics in LaPorte, CO

Hello, dear readers!

So, a few months ago, we were driving back from the mountains, going through the cute little town of LaPorte (just outside of Ft. Collins), when I noticed this array of adorable vintage campers.  My curiosity was piqued (actually, I was drooling).

Soon enough, I discovered that these beauties are part of a new family business called Rescued Relics Rentals, started by Lindsey (pictured above) and her mom, Anita. I couldn't resist writing an article about it for this summer issue of Fort Collins Magazine. They were only able to squeeze in a tiny article last minute, so I figured I'd supplement it here with some pics from my visit with Lindsey.

They have several 1960's trailers available to rent (for travel to a campsite or your home) at really reasonable prices. You just need to temporarily add the trailer to your auto insurance. And you need to have experience driving a trailer (though these are light and compact and can be pulled by a small truck or SUV.) These trailers would work well for a small family or couple.

This summery yellow-themed trailer is Buttercup, a completely rebuilt 1969 Go-Lite, just 10 feet long.  Lindsey, Anita, and their husbands (Reuben and Louis, respectively) have renovated all these trailers themselves... this one was quite a bit of work. Totally worth it-- she's so sweet and cheery.

And this is La Jolla, a 1965 Aristocrat. Love the color scheme!

On her website, Lindsey has suggestions of campsites you where you could bring the trailers.  You just use the campsite bathrooms, since these don't have toilets. (One of my favorites is Dowdy Lake campground, in the Red Feather, CO area, about an hour from Fort Collins.)

Aren't the minty blue-green appliances beautiful?

And below is El Mojito, who is actually the same year and make as my own Winnie-- a 14-foot 1969 Red Dale, made here in Colorado. :-)  This would be perfect for a family of four (2 adults, 2 kids). Ours fits me, Ian, our 10-year-old son, and Wilma our beagle with room to spare.

El Mojito has the same avocado green appliances as Winnie. It's so fun to see how Lindsey and Anita worked with the color in their design scheme... inspiring! And their back splash tile job looks snazzy-- it's a lightweight, stick-on style perfect for campers. 

This next one is Rocky, an 11-foot, 1969 Colorado Travel Trailer...

He is mountain-and-fishing themed, with a built-in checkers/chess table. :-)

Lindsey was kind enough to give me tours of her works-in-progress, too! Here's a gorgeous 1950's canned ham with amazing potential...

I'm in love with the rich, natural wood interior. Can't wait to see this one finished...

Upon visiting my own trailers, Winnie and Peachy, many of my FC friends have shown interest in getting a trailer of their own. If you're in that boat, I'd recommend renting a camper from Rescued Relics to try it out in the mountains for a weekend adventure. (After that, you'll probably be hooked and scouring Craig's List for one of your own. :-)

If you missed my latest post on my own Winnie and Peachy, you can read it and see pics here.

And you can read my tiny article about Rescued Relics Rentals in Fort Collins Magazine here.

Thanks for coming by!

Happy summer!